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Extinction 01

And we’re back with chapter 2 of ‘that bird story’! It’s called ‘Extinction’. I also renamed the first one ‘Flare’. To make navigating the comics a little easier, you’ll notice I added a menubar in the header of the site. The 4 items there are the 4 main categories of comics & art I have on the site: ‘Fillers’ and

Extinction 03

I spent a lot of time making those trees.

Extinction 04

You might have seen it on Twitter or in the news section, but in case you didn’t, the latest book is now also available as a download. Buy Now In other news, I’m thinking about changing the update schedule for the comic. I think it would be ideal if you could read a whole chapter in 1 go. That way,

Extinction 05

Weasels, man. Nothing but trouble. Hey, I’m trying out something new with the store. I decided to ditch the Bigcartel site and integrate everything in this site instead. Take a gander.

Extinction 06

Maybe Seb should’ve kept his big beak shut.

Extinction 08

And then there was darkness… If you’re at a complete loss as to what’s going on in the comics, you might want to start from the beginning. We’re about 18 pages in and nearing the end of this chapter.

Extinction 09

Only about 3 or 4 pages left in this chapter, folks.

Extinction 10

Look at the tiny firefighting weasels!