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The manliest

Welcome to the advanced class of beard-growing. Let’s see you try to top the bear-beard!

Restless nights

I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. But hey, I’m making progress on the new comic book (and various other disctractions) and that means: going back to comics instead of filler art. There’s a more beard-oriented piece lined up for next week but following that, you should see us return to comic-filled Wednesdays.

Things to do when you’re angry

Just don’t drive angry. I saw The Avengers (a.k.a. Hulk 3) so that could have been part of the inspiration I suppose. Next week I’ll be in England so I’ll have to leave you with a bit of filler art.

Moustache guide

There’s 2 questions I get asked every time I talk to someone who hasn’t seen my moustache before: “how long does it take to grow?” and “How do you make it keep its shape?”. While those are quite easy to answer, there’s more to growing and maintaining a handlebar moustache. But you have to start somewhere, so here’s my quick-start

Movie madness

Well if I turn into that guy, at least I still have my hair.

Six word premise

Thought I’d try something new this week. There’s a nice blog called Six Word Premise, where (as the title suggests) they post these neat ideas you can use. So instead of coming up with a concept for a comic myself, I used 3 of theirs. To expand on the experiment I also tried to get the ideas across in as

Laundromat lunacy

So that happened a couple weeks ago… There was more, but I didn’t want to make it a 2-pager. The guy wasn’t aggressive, just a bit out ‘off’. He also sang along with the music there and danced a bit in front of a mirror.

Hourlies 2012

My hourly comics from yesterday. It’s already been 2 years since I participated.

Type O negative

Fun fact: unlike Captain Type O Negative over there, I get sick at the sight of my own blood. That means I’ve done my very best to avoid having to see it up close, be it in the open air or going through a tube into a plastic bag. I haven’t fainted at the sight of it but I’ve had

Tea vs coffee

In which I tell you why my god is better than yours. Or is it a work of satire in which the absurdity of one’s fundamental beliefs is called into question? Or maybe just an excuse to draw anthropomorphic cups.