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Fire & Stone on Comixology

Do you like your comics digital? Do you use Comixology? Then this is the thing for you. My first long-story comic ‘Fire & Stone’ is now available on Comixology. Check it out and give it a rating, or share it with your friends!

A smaller archive

I’ve been thinking about cleaning up the archive. The quality has varied quite a bit over the past few years and it took over 100 ‘miscellaneous’ comics to find something of a groove (and a bit of quality), I feel like. So I want to clear out the clutter. I think it’ll make the archive look and feel a bit

Stumptown wrap-up

Hello, citizens of the internet! Apologies for missing a comic on Wednesday. I should’ve uploaded a filler but forgot about that. Blame the pre-convention stress. By now I have returned home to my laptop, in order to delight (or bore) you with the tales of my travels. The convention itself was delightful, as expected. I was quite lucky to be

New books in store

You might have seen me mention it earlier in the week, but here it is again: the ‘Mauled by…’ books are in the store. You can find the good ol’ paper version (with or without custom sketch) or get a digital version if that’s more your thing.

How do you keep up with the comic updates?

I made a poll on Facebook to see how my readers keep up with the comic updates. If you read the comic, would you mind adding your answer? You can just put it here in comments if you don’t want to deal with Facebook. Thanks! RSS Twitter Facebook The newsletter Other

Beardfluff returns

Beardfluff returns without an update schedule but with more comics than before. Just not all in color

Beardfluff at F.A.C.T.S.

I don’t know the exact place yet, but I think I’ll be somewhere in the Dealers Area, hall 8 at F.A.C.T.S this weekend.  There will be a gift, especially for you. And you can say hi to the insanely talented Marmushka (who is helping me man the table on Saturday).

Bearfluff at Epic strips

If you’re in Ghent, you can now find my comics at Epic (the comic store on Nederkouter). Just ask for Beardfluff…

Website redesign 2012

As is tradition, I have once again redesigned the website. A few things you may notice…